Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Collective haul; Primark, Topshop etc.

Hey guys! 

Today I'm going to be showing you what I have bought over the past weeks, I have got beauty and fashion items so this will be a mixed haul and I hope you enjoy!

First im going to be starting off with Primark. 

So I got this jumper dress and I thought this would be so comfy to lounge about in rather than old creased pyjamas. This is so soft and on the sleeves I don't know if you can see from the picture but there's a slight quilted material effect which I think makes it look really nice. It is in the smallest size which is a 6-8 but it does come up rather big so I would size down for this, unless you love really oversized jumpers, it comes down to just past the knee on me and I'm 5'3. This is only £8.00 which is super cheap! I thought this would have at least been £12.00. 

Then I picked up a snood! I have been looking for a plain snood for a while now and I saw this one in Primark and fell in love! It's just plain black, but it matches everything and it's not too oversized when it's around your neck, it's the perfect size and is so warm, you defiantly need something  warm since it has been so cold recently (in London anyway). This was only £2.00, they also had this in a cream colour. 

The next two items are a pyjama set. I needed some new pyjams and these were the ones I fell in love with! They are so basic but I think they are really pretty at the same time. The top is navy blue and through the straps there is lace detailing (you probably won't be able to see in the picture) and the top is nice and loose, I got this in size 6-8 if your wondering and the top was around £2.00.The bottoms are also navy blue with pockets at either side with striped detailing and also lace around the edge of the pockets, they have got a drawstring aswell and they look so cute. They also have got cuffed ends (I don't know how to explain it) I got them in size 6-8 also and they were £5.00. 

I then picked up these slippers, these were around £3.00 and they are so cosy but they are a bit big for me sadly but as they are so cheap I don't really mind. 

I then picked up some eyebrow pencils, I got one in a light shade and one in a darker shade, I haven't tried these out yet but they look good so I hope they are. These were £1-£1.50.

I then got this nail polish, it's a pretty gold colour and I've already worn it and it actually lasts really well, like it dosent cheap easily or anything so I think this is a good buy and it was £1.00 reduced to 80p. 

Lastly from Primark I got this lipstick, it is in the shade 10 nude and its a glossy, opaque formula, I think this will be perfect on top of a Mac matte lipstick. It's actually got a brush applicator so it's very precise which I prefer. I think this is a bargain as its only £2.00 and I've worn it a few times and it's lasting power is actually okay, I might buy a few more for the summer time because I think I'm getting a bit obsessed with them! (Oops). 

Next im moving into New look. I actually only have 1 item from there and it's this skinny ribbed crop top which I am in love with! It's just plain black and I think it would look really nice paired with high waisted jeans. I got this in a size 8 and it was £8.00 

Next is an item from topshop and it's the joni high waisted jeans. I love these jeans , they are probably the best jeans I've ever had, and ever will have, they are so soft and comfy and they are stretchy quite spacious so you are able to do squats in them (not that I ever do, I mean me doing squats, forget it). The quality of them is really good and I actually want to purchase a white pair of them in summer and a black pair with rips in the knees as soon as I can, I'm obsessed with these jeans, I wear them almost everyday and yeah! I love these. They were £36.00, so not the cheapest jeans but defiantly worth it.

From H&M I picked up this plain black mini bodycon skirt, it was only £3.99 and I think it's a staple to have in your wardrobe because you can dress it up or dress it down so it's perfect for all types of occasions and I can see myself wearing this a lot (especially in summer). 

Now moving on to superdrug...

So I've been wanting a eyebrow powder for ages and I was looking at getting and anastasia Beverly Hills one or an Mac one but they are quite pricey so whilst I was in superdrug I saw this one and thought I might aswell give this one a go. It's was only £4.99 and so far I have actually been likeing it. 

I picked up the Neautrogena exfoliating face wash, I think this is quite gentle on the face which I was looking for, and it really does cleanse your face makin it feel baby soft. 

I also got the real techniques blush brush and it's such a good brush. It's so soft and I think it looks quite pretty compared to some brushes which are plain black. it's well worth the money, I believe it's around £8.00 and I would really reccomend this brush. 

Last of all I purchased the makeup revolution lipstick in 'The one' this is a shimmery pink nude colour, it's similar to Mac honeylove lipstick. Unfortunately  it dosent last a long time but it is nice on top of matte lipsticks. 

That's everything I've purchased over the past weeks, I hope you have enjoyed this and please don't forget to follow me and comment below any blog posts you'll like me to do! 


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