Saturday, 22 August 2015

MAC & Superdrug haul August 2015

Hey guys!
So today I have got a makeup haul for you guys!

I'm so excited to do this, I feel like I haven't made a splurge on makeup in ages.

Anyway... I have been to MAC and superdrug and picked up a few goodies. I love growing my makeup collection, it makes me so happy so yeah, let's get into it. By the way not all the makeup was purchased with my own money, my Nan and Mum did purchase some of this for me.

Also guys I know I said I was going to do a massive primark haul in my last haul but I'm not now because I went into Primark and literally found hardly anything I liked so I decided to get makeup instead lol. I hope you don't mind!

What I got from superdrug!!!

First of all I got 2 skincare products. I got the Garnier pure active 3 in 1 which is targeted towards oil, spot prone skin and it's basically a wash, scrub and a mask. I also got the Garnier pure active pore purifying toner. Now I've tried both of these products and so far so good. They make my face super matte and my spots have actually disappeared. So I'm very happy. They are realy cheap aswell, both of these were in sale in superdrug and I think they were both around the £5.00 mark.

Then I got some boring stuff. And I got Veet face precision wax strips and Nair tough hair removal cream. These are both pretty self explanatory. The wax strips are fantastic and the cream im yet to try. 

I also picked up a new foundation. Now I loved the maybelline superstay better skin foundation but now the loreal true match foundation has totally changed my mind. This foundation is amazing, it's matte, the perfect shade in W3 and lasts all day whlist looking natural. I have been wearing this foundation every day over the last few weeks and I can't get over how good it is, I really want to try the concealer. The foundation is around £10.00 which is so affordable. 

Then I picked up the Maybelline 24 hour gel liner. Now I've been wanting to try  agel eyeliner for the longest time because I've heard that they are easier than any other eyeliner to do a winged liner. I'm really excited to give this a try, if I like it I'll let you guys know.

I also picked up the MUA lipliner in the shade 'caramel nougat'. This lipliner is amazing for £1.00. It lasts a long time and the colour is beautiful, it's just a nude but it goes perfectly with MAC's honeylove lipstick. If you have been reading my blogs for a while you would know how much I have raved about this lipliner.

Then I have been wanting to try some liquid lipsticks for ages so I picked up the Rimmel provacolips. I must say that the nude one '200 skinny dipping' is such a lovely browney nude, but the formula kind of goes into the lines on your lips which im not to keen on, however I still need to wear them a bit more before I have a set opionon on them. The pink one is called 'dare to bare'. These were around £7.00 each.

I have been wanting to try the maybelline colour drama pencils for ages and I got the nude one, I can't remember the exact name but I think it's called perfecting nude or something like that, I will have to check and let you know, but anyway this is such a nice lip pencil, it's like a 'your lips but better' lip colour and I like wearing this whenever I can't be bothered to wear a lot of makeup, it's just quite natural and pretty. I love it and I think it was only like £5.00.

The Maybelline colour tattoos I swear I see everyone talk and use these on YouTube lol. But the colour I got was 'on and on bronze' and it is just a true bronze colour. I haven't used it yet but it will be so nice all over the lids if you just want a really easy look, or as a base of you want to create more of a 'glam' look.  This was  only around £6.00 so super affordable.

Now my MAC goodies!!!

First of all guys, if you have any 6 MAC empty containers/packaging and you keep them you get a free original MAC lipstick. So for every 6 MAC blush, bronzer, foundation, concealer and primer container/packaging you get a free MAC lipstick, isn't that awesome!
That is how I got the 2 MAC lipsticks above. I got 'Taupe' which is a stunning browney, orangey colour, and its matte, and then I got 'Modesty' which is a beautiful pinky nude colour and it's a creme sheen.

Then to go with the MAC lipstick taupe I got the lipliner in 'subculture' and this brings out the pink undertones in taupe, rather than the orange ones. It was £12.50. 

Last of all I got my holy grail primer, skin base visage. This is so good, it helps keep me matte all day and I literally swear by this primer, I don't know what I'd do without it! I think this is quite pricey, it's like £26.00 but it's totally worth it.

Thank you for reading this post, I love hauls and I hope you do to, if there's any blog post you really want me to do comment below!

Love you all Xx

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Friday, 7 August 2015

My top ten favourite youtubers 2015

Hello guys,

Today I'm going to share with you my top ten favourite youtubers, I love youtube so much, especially when I'm watching hauls or makeup tuturials.

1. My favourite youtuber is Zoella, she has been so successful over the past years and her videos are alsways funny and lighthearted, and omg her baby Nala is so cute.

2. Secondly I absoloutly love Gabby from Velvetgh0st! She is always so bubbly and she makes me laugh. I always love we makeup and I loved her nose piercing so much, I think it really suited her lol. I'm rambling now but I just really like her . It really upset me when ZABBY were no longer around but now they are... YAY!   

3. Thirdly I love Leyla from Makeupbyleyla... She is so creative with her makeup looks, and her brows are just to die for.... LOL. She also has such a nice personality and her hair it's so beautiful. Oh & her editing is amazing aswell... Can't forget that.

4. Fourthly I love Kiera xo. Her hauls are my favourite hauls ever, she has such great style and a beautiful figure, her eyeshadow is always amazing aswell.

5. Then I love Alexandra from Alexandrasgirlytalk because she always shares great beauty hacks that I don't know and I also really like her voice. She's also really encouraging and bubbly.

6. Then I absoloutly love Kathleen Lights. She is so funny, I can't watch a video without laughing and she is really down to earth and kind. 

7. I also really like Andrea from MynameisAndrea she is so lovely, she is my age so I can relate to her a lot and also she's very down to earth aswell and she says what she want to say, like it dosent seems she edits a lot out.

8. I love Anastasia from floral princess, once again she is my age and she has come so far. Her makeup is always so natural and pretty and she makes such a effort with her videos.

9. I love Emily Victoria Canham, I love her editing and I love her makeup, her makeup is always gorgeous and her Mac lipstick collection video was one of my favourites, she has such nice plump lips aswell.

10. Last of all I love Alicia from Aliciasbeauty. Her hair is so nice and I love her videos and her personality. Also I love it when she does videos with her brother because they are so funny together, especially when they done the bean boozled challenge LOL.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post... Now you can check out the youtubers channels and fall in love with them yourself. 

Love you all Xx

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August favs 2015

Hey guys!

So today I'm going to be doing a August favs... I have been loving a few things this month which I want to share with you guys.

So first up I have got the powder I have been loving. I can't remember wether or not I've mentioned it in another monthly favs but if I have never mind because it's worth mentioning again! This powder is a great light matte powder, it keeps your shine down and I really love this powder, so if your suffering with a oily face, get this powder and I guarantee you'll be shine free...

Then my holy grail foundation is the loreal true match, it's so awesome, that's all I'm going to say! If you want a full review on this foundation then let me know but I think it is much better than the MAC studio fix foundation. 

Now, I have mentioned this blush in a lot of blog posts but I have to mention it again... The Mua cream blusher in the shade 'Blossom' is my favourite blusher in the world! It's very pigmented, easy to use, cheap, and it is so illuminating and dewy! Literally I put this onto my cheeks and it makes my cheeks glow up so beautifully, it lasts most of the day but it does tend to fade after around 6 hours but you can just top it up seeing as you don't need to use a brush with this you can just simply dab it in with your fingers (as long as their clean!). It's also very small and compact so it's great for traveling!

Then the Garnier pure active toner is really good for oily skin! It makes my skin super matte instantly, I love using his before applying my makeup to create a matte base and also after I take of my makeup. It leaves you feeling so refreshed and makes your skin feel so healthy! I've now discovered my new love!

I have never been really into hair care, but recently I have been having my hair down a lot more often and I hate my frizzy hair, so my mum got me the TIGI bed head after party and can I just say it tames frizz  like nothing else! After I have styled my hair, wether it's up or down I always use one pump of this hair cream and I smooth it all over the ends of my hair and it gives me amazing results! This is around £16 and it's totally worth it!  Also it smells really girly, I can't explain it, lol.

Last of all is another hair are product, it's actually a straightening cream, basically whenever I want to straighten my hair I always smooth this onto my damp hair and then after I've blow dried and straightened my hair it helps to keep my hair smooth and manageable. It also smells really nice, kind of tangy and sweet.

So thank you guys for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed this, as per usual I will leave my usernames so you can contact me if need be.

Love you all Xx

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