Saturday, 28 March 2015

March favourites 2015


I know I am posting a bit late this week but I have been quite busy with school, but now as I'm off school for easter I will be posting a lot more. As you know from the title im doing my March favourites! I have been loving a few different things this month and actually I have been loving a lot of drugstore makeup. Anyway I'm going to get started now.... Off I go!

First of all I have had really dry lips recently. I love my carmex because that's really soothing but I wanted to try something else that is more hydrating and something that gives your lips moisture, so I went into boots one day and I picked up the Nivea essential care lip balm. I really do like this because it gives your lips some tlc and is great to take to school or just carry in your handbag on the go. 

Secondly this month I have been obsessed with my Maybelline fit me concealer! It's so good for the under eyes and to cover blemishes and I have it in the shade '15'. I definatly need to repurchase this next time I'm out and about.

I'm not a huge fan of primers, like once I have found one I tend to stick with it for a good few months and the Mac skin base visage is my perfect primer. This is £21.00 and is totally worth the money. I can't rave about this enough, it keeps your makeup in place all day and the best thing about it is that it keeps you matte! If you have oily skin I would reccomend this because it does the trick and I love it!

Next I have been loving cream blushers at the moment, especially as now it's spring I like a little pop of colour on my cheeks to glam my face up. I am obsessed with the Mua cream blusher in the shade 'blossom'! It's a beautiful dewy peachy pinky coral colour, but it's not too bright or to subtle, it's just beautiful! It's  super creamy and super blendable, also you can build it up without it looking Cakey. The best part about this is that it's only £1.00 and that's insane for such a great product. I have been wearing this every single day this month and I just can get enough of it!

Last of all I have been loving the Mua Heaven and earth eyeshadow palette! This palette has many neutral shades that are so pigmented! My favourite shade is called 'Valley' and is the one hearted on the picture above. I like wearing the shade 'Valley' all over the lid cause it's a browny red colour and it's so shimmery and creamy and blend able and I just love it!

That's all for this blog post! I hope you enjoyed it, thank you for reading, make sure to follow me and check out my Twitter and Instagram (I'll leave usernames below!) 


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Saturday, 21 March 2015

My MAC wish list 2015

Hey guys! 

Today I'm going to be sharing with you everything I want from Mac! I love Mac and not 1 of there products has ever let me down. There's a long list of products I want from Mac so let's roll into it...!

I'm going to start of with the lipsticks I would like, there's currently 12 so that is approximately £180.00 which is a lot to spend on 12 lipsticks but I guess it will have to be done one day, I can't resist. 
 Down below are the names of the following lipsticks I love!

1. Myth
2. Velvet teddy 
3. Craving 
4. Creme cup
5. Angel
6. Kinda sexy
8. Please me
10. Fleshpot 
11. Rebel
12. Chatterbox 

Those lipsticks literally look beautiful! I can't wait to get some more money so I can start building a collection because honestly they give me life!.

Now moving onto cheek products...

1. Harmony blusher
2. Mocha blusher 
3. Mineralise skin finish in dark deepest (to use as a bronzer)

There's only 3 products for the cheeks that I would love and all together that comes to approximately £60.00. 

Moving on to skin base products that I love...

1. Pro lonwear concealer in nc20 ( I had one of these but it run out)

2. Studio fix powder nc25 ( I also had this but it run out) 

3. Prep and prime light boost highlight 

4. Concealer palette in medium 

That's the face products I would like, all together that adds up to approximately £90.

Eye products I want are....

1. False lash extreme black mascara 

2. Wedge eyeshadow 

3. Cork eyeshadow 

4. Tempting eyeshadows 

5. Eyeshadows warm neutral palette 

6. PowerPoint eyeliner pencil 

These all add up to approximately £130.00. The eyeshadows look stunning though. 

Moving onto lip pencils...

1. Currant lip pencil

2. Soar lip pencil

3. Rosy rim lip pencil

4. Cream o spice lip pencil 

5. In synch lip pencil 

Those lip pencils are stunning and they are approximately £50.00 all together.

Then there's only 1 brush I want which is the 217 blending brush. 

That's it for this blog, there will be plenty more wishlist a coming up, my next post will be my drugstore wishlist (I think) Sorry I haven't posted a lot this week it's because I've been so busy with school and homework. Thank you for reading and please don't forget to follow me! 


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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

50 facts about me!

Hello guys! 

Today I'm doing a 50 facts about me blog post, this way you will get to know me more and I though it'll be quite fun!

1. I'm not keen on sweets, I prefer fruit any day. 

2. Hershey's cookies and cream chocolate is my favourite.

3. I'm half greek, quarter Dominican and quarter english. 

4. I have a MASSIVE family.

5. When I'm older I want to have a beauty related job.

6. My 2 favourite subjects are catering and health and social.

7. I'm an Essex girl.

8. I LOVE Joey Essex.

9. Towie is my all time favourite TV programme.

10. When I get my own house I'm going to have one room dedicated to my vanity!  

11. I'm a shopaholic!

12. I'm the oldest out of all my siblings.

13. My favourite home cooked meal is medium cooked steak and crispy sweet potato wedges.

14. I don't really like McDonalds.

15. Nandos and cosmo are the best places ever.

16. My perfect day out is shopping and then eating.

17. I share a bedroom with my little sister.

18. I love summer.

19. I have an iPhone 4S.

20. I want the iPhone 6.

21. I LOVE food!

22. Even when it's not christmas I still wear festive pyjamas! 

23. Kiss fresh is my favourite radio station by far. 

24. I could spend the whole day in primark (no lie).

25. I have a Towie duvet cover.

26. My bedroom is white and purple.

27. One day I want to go to America for 2 weeks and shop all day every day! 

28. Cyprus is my favourite country I've ever been to! The food is amazing and so  are the beaches.

29. I hate aeroplanes and am never going on one again. 

30. I'm prone to ear infections (I have super sensitive ears).

31. I love ferries. (Purely because there's loads of makeup to buy and I love browsing around looking at it all. & there's Starbucks!!)

32. I won't miss a day without a cup of tea.

33. I'm addicted to YouTube.

34. I never watch telly on a telly, I watch it on my phone.

35. 'LOL'starring Miley Cyrus is the best film ever invented. 

36. I have a Cat and a budgie.

37. My best friends called Lucy.

38. Crisps are my weakness, I eat them so much, especially Doritos, urghh there to die for. 

39. The first job I ever wanted was to be a secretary.

40. I'm a Christian. 

41. my hair is naturally wavey/curly.

42. I want a nose piercing and I'll get it when I'm 16.

43. I want a belly piercing and I'll get it when I'm 16.

44. I want a second ear piercing and I'll get that soon.

45. I always go on makeup/clothes websites e.g Asos and I add a million things to my basket and screenshot everything and I never end up getting it. 

46. I'm quiet. 

47. My dream car is the BMW M6.

48. I love the names Alaia-mai, Mikayla and Kc.

49. I have a habit of biting my nails.

50. I love baking as a hobby. 

That's 50 facts about me, I hope you have enjoyed this and learned something new. Don't forget to follow me and thank you for reading! 


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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Q&A: inspiration, makeup and more!

Hello guys!

So today I'm going to be doing a Q&A and I'm super excited! I've had many questions and I'm going to answer them all!

1. Mac or benefit?
I would say that I prefer Mac to benefit because I love all Mac products so much!

2. If you could only wear one piece of makeup everyday what would it be? I would probably wear concealer because you can conceale all the spots you have so your skin looks ok and not like a zit farm.  

3. Who do you fancy? I fancy Joey Essex.

4. What made you want to start a beauty blog? Well originally I wanted to start youtube but I didn't have all the right  equipment so therefore I had no choice but to create a blog and I'm really enjoying it. I wanted it to be a beauty blog because I love beauty and I love to express my thoughts and feeling about beauty. It's so fun and relaxing! It's like it's a escape from the world to write about what you love and it's just so creative because it's your own website and there's no right and wrong. 

5. Who is you inspiration and who do you look up to? Zoella because she likes beauty as much as I do and she is a successful blogger and youtuber and hopefully in the future I will be to.

6. How old were you when you first started wearing makeup?- I was 11. I first started wearing mascara and then concealer. I wore them two makeup items when I was 11. When I was 13 was when I first started wearing foundation.

12. What makeup do you wear on a day to day basis? Well to school I wear concealer, mascara and powder and on the weekends or whenever I'm not going into to school I will wear foundation, primer, mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick, lip liner and concealer. 

13. Would you rather be the person with the smelliest feet in the world so no one will go near you or the person with the smallest hands so you can't hold anything? I would rather be the person with the smelliest feet in the world because I can't go without food ( I'm greek!) 

14. If you could have any makeup product what would it be? This is such a hard question but I would have to say the Mac blush in harmony. It's such a natural pretty blush shade. 

15. What's your favourite waterproofs mascara and what do you use to remove it with? My favourite waterproof mascara is 100% the Maybelline the falsies volume express one! It's amazing, lasts all day and is just perfection in a tube. It's also only £9 I think. I use the l'oreal micellar water to remove it, it's such a good makeup remover and it leaves your skin feeling so fresh and clean.

16. Mascara or eyeliner? This is such a tricky question and I love both products but I would have to go for... OMG. Urgh. it'll probably be mascara because I love buying mascara and trying new ones out and in general I wear mascara more than eyeliner.

17. Are you ever going to start a youtube channel? Defiantly! I really want to start a youtube channel but at the moment I haven't got all the right equipment. I would probably start it when I'm 16-18ish. If I made YouTube videos I would want to make them up to a good standard, and I would want the editing, lighting and quality to be on point, do you know what I mean?. 

18. What's your favourite bar of chocolate? It would be the Hershey's cream and cookies chocolate. That is so nice, I would die for it. If your ever in my naughty books then I suggest you buy me a few bars of Hershey's and I'll love you forever. 

19. What's your favourite lipstick colour you own? This is the easiest question ever and it's the Mac honeylove one. It's a gourgeous nude with a hint of pink in.

That's all the question done! I hope you enjoyed this fun little blog post for you. Don't forget to follow me, love you all! 


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