Saturday, 21 March 2015

My MAC wish list 2015

Hey guys! 

Today I'm going to be sharing with you everything I want from Mac! I love Mac and not 1 of there products has ever let me down. There's a long list of products I want from Mac so let's roll into it...!

I'm going to start of with the lipsticks I would like, there's currently 12 so that is approximately £180.00 which is a lot to spend on 12 lipsticks but I guess it will have to be done one day, I can't resist. 
 Down below are the names of the following lipsticks I love!

1. Myth
2. Velvet teddy 
3. Craving 
4. Creme cup
5. Angel
6. Kinda sexy
8. Please me
10. Fleshpot 
11. Rebel
12. Chatterbox 

Those lipsticks literally look beautiful! I can't wait to get some more money so I can start building a collection because honestly they give me life!.

Now moving onto cheek products...

1. Harmony blusher
2. Mocha blusher 
3. Mineralise skin finish in dark deepest (to use as a bronzer)

There's only 3 products for the cheeks that I would love and all together that comes to approximately £60.00. 

Moving on to skin base products that I love...

1. Pro lonwear concealer in nc20 ( I had one of these but it run out)

2. Studio fix powder nc25 ( I also had this but it run out) 

3. Prep and prime light boost highlight 

4. Concealer palette in medium 

That's the face products I would like, all together that adds up to approximately £90.

Eye products I want are....

1. False lash extreme black mascara 

2. Wedge eyeshadow 

3. Cork eyeshadow 

4. Tempting eyeshadows 

5. Eyeshadows warm neutral palette 

6. PowerPoint eyeliner pencil 

These all add up to approximately £130.00. The eyeshadows look stunning though. 

Moving onto lip pencils...

1. Currant lip pencil

2. Soar lip pencil

3. Rosy rim lip pencil

4. Cream o spice lip pencil 

5. In synch lip pencil 

Those lip pencils are stunning and they are approximately £50.00 all together.

Then there's only 1 brush I want which is the 217 blending brush. 

That's it for this blog, there will be plenty more wishlist a coming up, my next post will be my drugstore wishlist (I think) Sorry I haven't posted a lot this week it's because I've been so busy with school and homework. Thank you for reading and please don't forget to follow me! 


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  1. I want all the lipsticks you want lol! xxx