Thursday, 16 April 2015

My spring/summer essentials 2015

Hello guys!!

I'm sorry I haven't posted In a while I was ill and had a lot of homework to do. Anyways, today I'm here with my spring/summer essentials! So this is where I'll be showing you everything that I need during spring/summer.

First of all my Rimmel stay matte powder is a  absoloutle essential for me, purely because I get very oily and this takes away all shine leaving you completely matte.

Secondly my Mac skin base visage primer is a essential because again, it helps to keep me matte and I love the matte look. It's such a good primer although it's a bit pricey but who cares when it's a amazing primer. I highly reccomend this.

Then of course a little bit of blush to brighten up your cheeks is always a necessity. So my favourite one is the Mua cream blusher in the shade 'blossom'. This is slightly dewy but I like that on my cheeks to give me a bit of colour. It's also not too bright, it's natural and I love it.

Broznzer is a favourite of mine and my 2 favourites are the Mac bronzer in 'refined golden' and Collection Bronze glow in 'shimmering light'. These aren't matte colours but In the summer time they add a nice glow to the cheeks. You cannot contour with them because that are not matte, but actually the Mac bronzer does come in matte shades.

Now I love the Maybelline baby lips in 'pink punch'. This gets taken everywhere with me when the suns out because this gives a nice pink colour to the lips but it's not bright at all it's just a tint of pink so it looks pretty and a bit different to a plain lip balm. This is super hydrating too and super cheap. 

My favourite lipsticks in the spring/summer time are the Rimmel kate moss lipsticks. The Pink shade is number 28 and the Orange shade is number 32. I love these because they are so pigmented and bright. I find they are matte with like a shimmer, I know that sounds weird but when you wear it, it's like you are wearing a matte lipstick, with a lipgloss on top. Strange I know but hey ho!

Finally my last spring/ summer essential would be my elf smudge pot in 'gotta glow'. This eyeshadow is great because when it's hot you don't want too much makeup on, you want a light touch of makeup, so this all across the lid is awesome because it adds a light touch of colour. It lasts a long time too and is really easy to blend, you can use a brush or your finger.

Thank you guys for reading this! I hope you enjoyed it! As usual all my instagram, Twitter etc. Names will be below incase you would like to contact me. 


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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Whats in my makeup bag? 2015

Hello everyone,

Today Im going to share with you what I keep in my makeup bag when I'm going to my nans for the weekend, when I'm going restaurants and in general, when I'm just going out.  

The makeup bag I own is a black one with pink bows and pink polka dots, it was only from primark and was £3.00 which is a absoloute bargain!

So I'm going to start of with telling you what makeup brushes I carry around with me. I only carry 3 around because no one wants a makeup bag full of makeup brushes, I mean you need space for that matte foundation because you don't wanna be walking around town with a oily T zone, no girl I don't think so!.  Anyway back on track, I have 3 real technique brushes and they are the Blush brush, which I obviously use for blush. I then have got my expert face brush which I use for foundation and concealer, and lastly I have my setting brush which I use for my powder. 

Makeup products:

Powder - Rimmel stay matte.

Foundation- Rimmel stay matte foundation. 

Primer- Mac skin base visage travel size. (This primer is literally life. End of)

Concealer- Maybelline fit me.

Eyeliner- Maybelline master drama khol liner. 

Mascara- Mac false lash extreme black travel size.

Lip balm- Nivea essential care.

Lipstick/lipgloss I  don't actually have any lipstick/lipgloss in my makeup bag because unless I'm feeling really productive (which is never often) I don't tend to wear it because it just gets annoying on my lips and I'm always conscious if its moved onto my chin when I'm eating.

Deodrant- I always keep a travel size deodorant in my makeup bag because I hate it when you get sweaty and yucky and you have to be somewhere.

Body spray- I also always keep a body spray in my makeup bag and since I recently bought one from Primark I keep that in there because it's the perfect size and it smells so nice guys, like soo nice, I'm not even kidding.

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Love you all xx


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Thursday, 2 April 2015

Primark haul April 2015

Hello guys!

Today I'm going to be doing a Primark haul, I love primark because they sell some gorgeous things at such affordable prices! I got quite a few bits as you can probably tell by the big bag in the picture below so I'm going to share them with you now.  

First of all I got a white kimono cardigan thing and it is beautiful, it's so light so will be perfect for this upcoming summer and it can brighten up any outfit, this was only £5 which is so cheap and I'm so happy with this purchase!

I then got a long sleeved, high neck swing top. It's light grey and is perfect for weather when it's too hot to wear a jacket/coat but it's to cold to have bare arms. I love this top and it was only £6.00, it also has a zip on the back to add that extra bit of detailing.

 Then grabbed the super high waisted black jeans with rips in the knees, these are dupes for the Topshop joni jeans at £36.00 but instead I got these for £10.00! The picture dosent do them justice but they fit perfectly, they look exactly the same as the joni jeans which I adore and as there black they'll go with everything. I'm going to go back and pick up some more colours of these because they are so comfortable, I already had a pair before which my nan got me and I didn't think they'll be all that but they actually are 'all that'.

Then I picked up a white bandeau, these are great for when you have a sheer top and you don't want to wear a Cami underneath, you can just throw one of these underneath instead and they are so comfortable and I might pick a few more of these up as I feel they are a staple piece in my wardrobe. These are £1.50, super cheap right?

I saw a leather jacket in someone's Primark haul on YouTube and I absolutely loved it, I have been searching for a new leather jacket and I knew it was 'the one' when I saw it and I just had to have it, no argument about it. I went to my local Primark doubting they would have it and guess  what!! THEY HAD IT. So I was like a nutter and I literally saw it and got so excited and ran to it. They had my size aswell so I got so happy, I looked at the price tag and then my heart skipped, skipped a beat when I saw it was £25.00 reduced to £10.00!!! and then I popped it into my basket. It looks better on than in the picture and this is definatly one of my best purchases in my life. (What a massive statement to say, but would I lie to you?) 

I then needed some sandals for the upcoming summer so I got myself a few pairs. The first pair I got were these white ones with gems on and these are stunning, they will be really nice for when you want to wear something dressy because you can just throw on these sandals with absolute anything and they will match. They were only ( wait for it... Wait for it...) £4.00! (Ignore my disgusting toenails) 

The second pair of sandals I got are these black and gold pair. They are like fake suede and then gold hardware. These were also £4.00 and I think they look much more expensive than they actaully were. 

The last pair of sandals I purchased was this pair of Birkenstock style sandals. I got these in white because they'll go with anything, these will be super easy to slip on with dresses, skirts, jeans and what not. I can't wait to wear them, they are so comfortable and again they were £4.00.

Moving on to beauty...

I first got this little body spritz in the scent 'Cassis and Red berry'. This smells really nice and I wanted these to take to school because it's small and compact so therefore will fit perfectly into my school bag. This was £1.50.

Secondly I got a mini sure deodorant, this is also for my school bag. It's quite self explanatory to be honest, it's to make me smell nice (we all know that) and that's that. This was only £1.00.

I then got some nail polish remover pads for £1.50. I've never tried these before so I hope they work well, I just didn't want to pay £4.00 for a pack of 50 in boots. 

I also got my favourite makeup wipes and these are the gentle facial cleansing wipes and you get 50 for £1.00. I get these all the time. They remove makeup as quick as a click and as they state they are very gentle. I hate paying like £4.00 for a pack of 25 because that is quite expensive and I feel that the Primark ones are just the same. 

Primark lip products are actually one of my favourites. I have a pink and red lipstick from Primark and they are really good because they aren't too bold but they are pigmented and look perfect on my lips because as I have quite big lips and wearing any lipstick is quite a statement for me, so bold pink lipsticks aren't my favourite because they don't do anything for me, but like I said the Primark ones aren't as bold so my lips don't blind anyone when wearing pinks/reds. So I picked up a brown nude colour, this is only 80p I think and it's a bargain because I can honestly compare them to the Rimmel kate moss lipsticks.  

I love matte lipsticks and I saw Primark done a few so I picked up the most beautiful light pink lipstick. I'm so excited to wear this and can we just take a minute to admire the stunning packaging! These were only £1.50 aswell! 

Then I saw the youtuber Becca Rose feauture the Primark nude lipliner in a video of hers and as soon as I saw it I was on the hunt for it, so what do I do, I searched high and low for this lipliner until I eventually found it and it's actaully so pigmented, it's a orangey nude colour, this will be really pretty for a nude lip in the summer time because of the orangey undertones in it. I can't remember how much this was exactly, I think it was only £1.00, so again, what a bargain!

So that's everything I purchased on this trip to Primark! I will probably be going back in the summer time, so there will be another haul approaching, Follow me to make sure you don't miss out on that one! Thank you for reading this blog post, also guys you might have realised the font in this blog post and a few others are all different but I actaully have no control of that because as I post blogs via blogger app on my phone, it gives you limited options to what you can do and it automatically changes the font, I'm trying to figure something out but for now your going to have to bare with. Sorry guys.


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