Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Whats in my makeup bag? 2015

Hello everyone,

Today Im going to share with you what I keep in my makeup bag when I'm going to my nans for the weekend, when I'm going restaurants and in general, when I'm just going out.  

The makeup bag I own is a black one with pink bows and pink polka dots, it was only from primark and was £3.00 which is a absoloute bargain!

So I'm going to start of with telling you what makeup brushes I carry around with me. I only carry 3 around because no one wants a makeup bag full of makeup brushes, I mean you need space for that matte foundation because you don't wanna be walking around town with a oily T zone, no girl I don't think so!.  Anyway back on track, I have 3 real technique brushes and they are the Blush brush, which I obviously use for blush. I then have got my expert face brush which I use for foundation and concealer, and lastly I have my setting brush which I use for my powder. 

Makeup products:

Powder - Rimmel stay matte.

Foundation- Rimmel stay matte foundation. 

Primer- Mac skin base visage travel size. (This primer is literally life. End of)

Concealer- Maybelline fit me.

Eyeliner- Maybelline master drama khol liner. 

Mascara- Mac false lash extreme black travel size.

Lip balm- Nivea essential care.

Lipstick/lipgloss I  don't actually have any lipstick/lipgloss in my makeup bag because unless I'm feeling really productive (which is never often) I don't tend to wear it because it just gets annoying on my lips and I'm always conscious if its moved onto my chin when I'm eating.

Deodrant- I always keep a travel size deodorant in my makeup bag because I hate it when you get sweaty and yucky and you have to be somewhere.

Body spray- I also always keep a body spray in my makeup bag and since I recently bought one from Primark I keep that in there because it's the perfect size and it smells so nice guys, like soo nice, I'm not even kidding.

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