Saturday, 13 June 2015

Save or splurge?; Mac prep and prime highlighter

Hey guys!

its feels like such a long time since I have actually sat down and done a exciting blog post, but today I will be doing a save or splurge post. I'll basically be telling you whether or not a high end product is worth the price or whether a drugstore product is the same. I'm going to be basing this post on the MAC prep and prime highlighter.

So firstly It is £18.50 and i believe it comes in 4 different shades, my one is in 'lightboost'.

The highlighter I think is pretty amazing, I love the way that it is a pen because it gives you precise application and I also find it really easy to use. You can wear it underneath your makeup (like under your foundation) or on top of your makeup just like you would with a 'normal' concealer. I tend to use it on top of my foundation and I find it really good for highlighting my under eye area and brightening it up. It gives me a really healthy radiant look, which i don't find any other concealer gives me.

The only problem is that it sets really fast so you must work quickly with this concealer in order to have a flawless look. But if you can work quickly like me (he he) there will be no problems.

BUT... is it worth the splurge, in my opinion it is because like i said i have tried many cheaper concealers and i haven't found that it gives me that highlighted, healthy look that I want.

I defiantly would like to find a cheaper alternative but Macs products are way too good and not any one of Macs products have ever let me down, especially this concealer/highlighter (whatever its called). This may be one of my new favourites!

If any of you guys have found a concealer that compares to the Mac prep and prime then please do let me know.

Thank you for reading this blog post i hope you have enjoyed it. I have actually made my own Facebook page for my blog called 'Beauty & fashion geek' so if you like that page you wont miss a blog post from me ever again (yayy) and as per usual I will leave my usernames below.

love you all x 

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