Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Maybelline the falsies volum' express mascara review

Hello guys! 

I'm so Sorry I haven't posted in 2 weeks but I've been so busy revising that I just haven't had time, but now I'm back and I'll try and post more than once a week. I'm going to try and post every Thursday and every Saturday so keep and eye out.  To make sure you don't miss out you can  follow me on Twitter, my username is Minniemouse_678.

Today I want to review the Maybellline the falsies volum' express mascara.

So the mascara is £7.99 -£8.99 depending on where you get it from. It states it gives you volume and gives your lashes a false effect. 

So this is by far my favourite drugstore mascara EVER!.

 It certainly does makes my lashes long and voluminous and you only need a few coats. I don't know if I would say it makes my lashes look 'false' but it does make my lashes look more of a statement than other mascaras do which totally makes me love it! The formula lasts all day, I would say about 9 hours and it is also waterproof. I also love the wand because it is quite long and round so it gets right into the roots of your lashes letting you get the most out of it, it's so easy to apply aswell and never smudges.  It dosent dry out quickly like some mascaras do and I think for the price it amazing. I will certainly be repurchising this mascara and if you get a chance to get this I certainly reccomend this because I love it and I think it's beautiful.

So that's it for this review... I love writing reviews for you guys, I hope you enjoy them and there will be many more coming up because I have so many products to review to you!. 

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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Chit chat

Hey guys today I'd thought I'd chat to you about random things and it will be a really relaxed blog post.

So firstly let's talk exams. Last week I had my IGCSE English exam, and it was alright I suppose, in the summer I get the result and I'm hoping it was good (obviously). 

Next I wanna talk about makeup... So I'm currently using the Mac skin base visage primer and its amazing and keeps you nice and matte but sadly its kind of coming to the end and its quite expensive so before I buy myself another one i want to go to the drugstore and see if I can get a different matte primer for a fraction of the price. Also I really need to do a drugstore haul actually, Theres a few foundations, concealers, bb creams and lip products that im really craving ( I know it sounds weird, how can you crave makeup but when you become a makeup addict you find yourself craving a Mac lipstick more than chocolate, my crazy makeup friends will know what I'm talking about). I most likely won't be doing a big haul until around summer time because I need to do a massive summer clothing haul as well, if anyone would like to lend me around £6000 then that should be enough for all the makeup and clothes I'm craving and maybe even for an iPhone 6 and Michael kors watch. 

Also guys, I done a review on my holy grail almond oil and I recently run out so my nan kindly got me another 2, and its so soothing, if you haven't read my Almond oil review please do because its such a good product and honestly, its a miracle worker. 

Thank you for reading this blog post I hope you've enjoyed reading it, if you want to contact me please do it from my twitter or Instagram, usernames will be down below as usual.


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