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Primark, Topshop & Superdrug haul July 2015

Hello guys!

I'm so sorry I haven't posted in a very long time, but now summers here, and schools out I promise to post much more often.

Anyway... I have been shopping over the past week and thought I'd share what I have got with you guys, because why not? Everyone loves a good old haul now and then don't they? I know I do. 

So the first place I popped into was superdrug. 

The first item I got was a face mask, I love face masks, I think they really helps your skin have a good old deep cleanse. The one I got was the superfruits clay mask and it was only 99p. The superdrug   Face masks that I've tried in the past have never failed to impress so that's why I chose this one.

The next item I got was a face scrub. I have been looking for a harsh deep cleansing face scrub for a while now, and I didn't want to spend a great deal of money on one, so therefore I walked into superdrug, pondered over to the skincare  section and saw this. Then I picked it up and thought, this looks good and it is incredible! I can't get over this. It's so mattifying and cleansing, I just love it. I'lldefinatly do a review on this once I've used it a bit more. I'm not sure of te exact price but I think it's around £5.00.

I then got myself a Radox bath soak. I love these so much, they are so cheap and they also smell amazing. I didn't actually pick the 'stress relief' bath soak Becase im stressed, I got it because it was just the nearest thing to me whilst I was in the que (LOL). But honestly like they are only around £1.00 and they are usually always on sale, I got this one on sale for 87p. (Like whattt)

Last of all from Superdrug I got myself a Barry M gelly hi-shine nail varnish in the shade 'Lychee 506'. Recently I have been into nude nail varnishes, I just think they look really natural and pretty, but not in your face. They also match everything so I decided to pick myself a nude nail varnish and this is the one I chose. It's so pretty on and I can see myself wearing this a lot throughout the year, come rain or sun. 

Now on to Topshop...

So if you have read my other blog posts, you will know I love the Joni high waisted jeans. So what did I do... I got myself another pair. The White ones. I think the white ones are so lovely for summer rather than black. These jeans look stunning with like a bright coloured top like coral or pink, or black but seeing as it's summer im trying to stay away from black and welcome the brighter colours into my wardrobe (Does that sound weird, I think it does, I don't even know, lool) These jeans are £36.00, so it is expensive but they are such good quality and fit me like a glove like no other jeans do.

Then I just got a nail varnish which is the most gorgeous duck egg blue colour, although it has got a slight hinge of purple aswell, it's so pretty and I actually never warm to colours like this because I didn't think they suited me but I'm actually really liking them and once again it's not a in your face colour. I think this was £5.00 but my friend kindly got it for me, so if your reading this, cheers!

Saveing the best to last... PRIMARK!!!

So I actually have been loving Primark at the moment, they have some lovely stuff in so I popped into there and got some bits and bobs. I didn't go all crazy because I only had a certain amount of money I could spend, but I did get some amazing items, and I'm really happy with what I got. Ramble over. 

First of all I got this high neck, ribbed top. (I'm sorry about the quality of this picture guys but I couldn't get it any better). I think this top will look amazing with my white jeans (even though it's black). The only bad thing for some people might be that it is that it's super see through but to be honest that doesn't really bother me. This top was only £4.00 and I love it.

Next I got a grey Bardot top, This will look nice with my white jeans or shorts and I really like this, I think it's really flattering on me and it was only £3.00. I'm definitely going to get some more of these, maybe a black, white and coral one because I actually love it so much and it's so cheap.  

The last clothing item I got was a black peplum top. It's in a kind of thick bobbly material, I can't describe it but it seems really nice qualify for Primark. It's nicely structed and it also has got a slight V neck which I love, it makes this top look really elegant and dressy if you know what I mean. I would probably wear It with jeans to make it more casual or a skirt to dress it up. (And yes it is black but it's too nice to leave outta my wardrobe). It was only £8.00 aswell, bargain or what?!.

Then I just got some lint rollers, I just like to use these on my black jeans because oh my gosh, it drives me mad when my jeans get so much fluff on and you can see it so obviously on black jeans so that's why I avoid them although I do love my black jeans. So yeah just a necessity for me really.

Last but not least, I just got some cheap flip flops for around the house, garden or whatever. There only £1.00 so to be honest I didn't expect much from them, but when I got home and tried them on properly, I was so surprised by how comfy they are, I will probably pick up a few more pairs of these aswell.

So that's it for now! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post. There will most definatly be a big Primark haul and a little MAC haul next month because I'm planning on splurging out.

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 love you all xx

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