Friday, 7 August 2015

My top ten favourite youtubers 2015

Hello guys,

Today I'm going to share with you my top ten favourite youtubers, I love youtube so much, especially when I'm watching hauls or makeup tuturials.

1. My favourite youtuber is Zoella, she has been so successful over the past years and her videos are alsways funny and lighthearted, and omg her baby Nala is so cute.

2. Secondly I absoloutly love Gabby from Velvetgh0st! She is always so bubbly and she makes me laugh. I always love we makeup and I loved her nose piercing so much, I think it really suited her lol. I'm rambling now but I just really like her . It really upset me when ZABBY were no longer around but now they are... YAY!   

3. Thirdly I love Leyla from Makeupbyleyla... She is so creative with her makeup looks, and her brows are just to die for.... LOL. She also has such a nice personality and her hair it's so beautiful. Oh & her editing is amazing aswell... Can't forget that.

4. Fourthly I love Kiera xo. Her hauls are my favourite hauls ever, she has such great style and a beautiful figure, her eyeshadow is always amazing aswell.

5. Then I love Alexandra from Alexandrasgirlytalk because she always shares great beauty hacks that I don't know and I also really like her voice. She's also really encouraging and bubbly.

6. Then I absoloutly love Kathleen Lights. She is so funny, I can't watch a video without laughing and she is really down to earth and kind. 

7. I also really like Andrea from MynameisAndrea she is so lovely, she is my age so I can relate to her a lot and also she's very down to earth aswell and she says what she want to say, like it dosent seems she edits a lot out.

8. I love Anastasia from floral princess, once again she is my age and she has come so far. Her makeup is always so natural and pretty and she makes such a effort with her videos.

9. I love Emily Victoria Canham, I love her editing and I love her makeup, her makeup is always gorgeous and her Mac lipstick collection video was one of my favourites, she has such nice plump lips aswell.

10. Last of all I love Alicia from Aliciasbeauty. Her hair is so nice and I love her videos and her personality. Also I love it when she does videos with her brother because they are so funny together, especially when they done the bean boozled challenge LOL.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post... Now you can check out the youtubers channels and fall in love with them yourself. 

Love you all Xx

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  1. Is it bad that the only youtuber I know on this list is Zoe?
    It probably is, isn't it. :D
    I will need some YouTube quality time to check them out.

    Great blogpost.


    1. Enjoy your youtube quality time then xxc

  2. Lot of good youtubers there, I really like Gabby too, she looks adorable!

  3. great list of yourtubers! thanks for sharing, will check them out!