Thursday, 20 November 2014

What I got for my birthday 2014

On Sunday 16th November it was my birthday! I had a lovely day with family and got lots of nice things!
 Firstly I got Turkish delights from my nan' yes TURKISH DELIGHTS. I love them so much and there hard to find in most shops so I was soo happy to see them! If you've never tried them I suggest you do because there absoloutly tasty in so many different ways! They are chewy sweets (kind of like haribos) with icing sugar on top. You get lots of different flavours but my favourites rose. 

Secondly I got a top that say NOTHING TO WEAR. It's black with white writing and a V neck. I LOVE it! It's soooo nice and it looks really nice with jeans. It was from new look if your wondering and I have it in size 8. It was also from my nan.

Thirdly ( is that even a word?) I got a box of maltesers!! Mmmm...

Then I got a tressame hair set which came with a shampoo, conditioner, hairspray and brush and its really nice. It was from my mum.

I also got a Mckenzie tracksuit and it comes with a hoody And bottoms, it's pink and really nice (especially in the winter time!) 

Then I got a cute pack of 3 socks! They are polka dotted trainer socks with little bows on the back and they are really pretty.

I got £250 from a range of people and I'm going to go on a shopping spree and buy lots of clothes and makeup!

I also got a lipbalm which is in a key ring form but in disguise it's a pretty long lasting lipstick that I actually really love! It was also from my nan.

I got 5 nail varnishes they are really pretty. 4 are glittery shades and 1 is a lovely dark mint green kind of colour.

Then I got 4 juicy lip glosses which are all pink shades and I think they look really nice and subtle when they are on your lips. 

Finally I got a little manicure set which is really nice and perfect to carry around with you if your on the go like me!

I've attached my cake pics below and also SOME of the brithday wishes, I had so many and thanks to every one who wished me happy bday I really appreciate it!

Thank you for reading! Xxx


  1. Happy birthday!!!
    ...for November !

  2. Happy birthday for November ^^ xx