Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Mac Pro long wear concealer review

The Mac Pro long wear concealer... Where to start!?

Firstly its a really long lasting concealer (that's probably why it's called pro long wear) and it's quite matte. It sets really nice and dosent need  topping up throughout the day. It is quite runny, it's not thick at all but with 1 pump you get a lot of product out. It's very easy to blend and it's also build able so if you want to have lots of coverage then you can build more layers on a spot but with 1 layer I think it covers up spots perfectly without it looking heavy. It never looks cakey to be honest, no matter how much you put on because you can blend it in really nice and it will look really natural. If you put a lot of this concealer on and don't blend the concealer in then you will have problems because it will be quite visable and look cakey. 
Secondly I think that it covers up really well. I was truly amazed by the coverage! It covers all red spots and dark under eyes.
Then the packaging is quite nice because it's in a glass bottle with a PUMP! Because without a pump it's always a nightmare to get things out.
There's a range of colours I have nc30 and it's perfect for me! 
It lasted me 5 months which is a long time considering I used it everyday! I'm really impressed by it. I got it for £17.00 which I don't think is a bad price at all! 
Overall I love this concealer and will Definatly be repurching it any time soon! 

I've just screen shotted a picture below if you want to see what it looks like, I couldn't take it myself as I have no storage left sorry!

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