Thursday, 29 January 2015

Mac lipstick review: Honeylove

Hello guys!

I'm  going to be doing a review for you on a Mac lipstick. 

To start, I have it in the shade honeylove and its a gougeous pink nude kind of  colour. This lipstick is also matte which I love because matte lipstick tend to last the longest. I pair this with my Mua lipliner in the shade 'caramel nougat' which I featured in my january favourites. The lipliner and lipstick are a perfect match. 

Anyway back to the lipstick, it's very wearable and goes with literally every makeup look! The lipstick has got a really nice scent to it but I can't describe it, it's like a muted sweet coffee kind of smell which sounds really weird but if you smell it you'll probably know what I mean (or I might just be really weird?!)

I actually really want to purchase some more of the Mac lipsticks because they are so nice, Theres actually 10 colours I want but I'll just have to wait until I get some money and then I can splurge out! 

 The lipsticks are £15.50 online, but I was lucky and someone actually gave it to me which I really appreciate so if your reading this thank you so much!. 

... And that's my review for you guys, it was just a short little review but I hope you enjoyed it! Don't forget to follow me & thank you for reading!


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