Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Exciting life update!!!

Hey guys,

Today I wanted to chat with you about my life and just random stuff in general. 

So being back at school literally has been so tiring, I hate getting up early for school and walking to and back from school it's so long you know. Anyway I haven't been getting too much homework recently which is good I suppose but I bet  going to get tons now I just said that. I have to choose where I want to do work expierience and I don't know where to do it, I want to do something involving makeup when I'm older (e.g makeup artist) but for work expierience I don't know where to go involving makeup. I was thinking a salon but I don't really want to wash people's hair and clean, you know, washing my own hair and cleaning my own room is a chore in itself and doing other people's all day everyday would be a headache. Lool ramble over.

Omg changing the subject now I really really am obsessed with ready salted crisps and chocolate together, it tasted so nice, I don't even know why.

My birthday is so soon (November) and I really want to get the iphone 6 Gold 16gb because I have the iphone 4S which is ok but it's so old now and I'll like a new one but I don't know if I'll get it because I think it's expensive, hopefully I'm due a upgrade though! I really want a nice gold watch, like a Micheal Kors or dkny one, I might spend my birthday/Christmas money on a nice watch because the one I have now has badly discoloured!

Anyway this has been a massive random chat but I will be having makeup related posts up very soon! Please let me know what blogs you want me to put up (maybe a makeup collection?) 

Love you guys! Xx


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  1. YES SOPHIE! Its all about that ready salted crisps and chocolate :D xx