Thursday, 28 January 2016

January favourites 2016

Hey guys!

Today I'll be sharing some things I've been loving this month!

First of all the soap and glory heck of a blot powder is so good! I've recently discovered it and I've been using it ever since. It's light and translucent which I prefer because it dosent look cakey or anything or just lightly dusts onto your face and I just really love it, it's perfect for oily skin aswell, if I wear this powder I don't have to top up until about 6-8 hours later which is amazing for me. 

Next of all I love the anastasia Beverly Hills self made palette, now I think I've mentioned this product on my blog before and absolutely love it. My favourite shade is 'hot and cold'. That's all I've been wearing on my eyelids for pretty much the whole month because it's so easy and pretty and makes such a difference to my makeup look. 

Then of course the Loreal true match foundation is my holy grail! It is so good and I can't hype on about it enough, I much prefer it to my Mac foundations because It's not as cakey and it is buildable so I can settle for a lovely light coverage  or a heavy coverage depending on what my skin is like and all that jazz. It's matte aswell and overall it's a great all rounder for me! 

Then my Mac blusher in the shade 'mocha' is beautiful. It is a great blusher to wear all day every day on any occasion and honestly it's quite natural on the cheeks and it lasts all day without moving. I definitely want to get more of these.

The 'Maybelline lash sensational' mascara is actually really good. At first I tried this and I wasn't very impressed but I put it on the other day and it gave me Volumous curled lashes and I love it now! I can see why everyone hyped over this!

The elf ' wet gloss lash and brow mascara' is so good aswell, I don't really use the lash side but I use the brow side to set my brows in place everyday. It sets them perfectly without budging and it's so cheap aswell, when I got it I know it was £1.99 but now I think the price has slightly gone up but it's still very affordable for how good it is, mine has actually just run out so I need to purchase another one badly.

The Mac 'taupe' lipstick is so lovely, it's a browny nude colour and I find it to be perfect for the night time and it's also matte which is my favourite!

Then guys... I have found the best game ever! It's called colour switch and it's such a quick fun annoying game, my highest is score 12!

If you didn't already know me and my lil sister are the biggest eastenders fans going ... The storyline is so good at the moment and I feel so sorry for Stacey and Martin! 

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Love you all Xx

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