Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Christmas gift guide

Hello guys!!!

So Christmas is fast my approaching which means lots of shopping for presents!!!
But sometimes it can be hard to think of what to get some people so I'm fling to be telling you a few ideas you can get most people of all ages.

Teenage girls/ woman

1. Makeup- if you know someone that wears makeup then makeup is quite a fun/easy gift to shop for. You could get a lovely eyeshadow palette like the Urban decay ones or you could get a pretty lipstick! 

2. Jewellery- Now I don't think you can go wrong with a pretty necklace or some earrings (as long as they wear them). Most girls/woman wear jewellery and a basic piece would be much appreciated whether it's expensive or not. Pandora/ Ted baker do really lovely pieces of jewellery on a higher budget and I know new look and H Samuels do lovely jewellery on a lower budget.

3. A luxurious perfume- I feel like perfume will always be a timeless gift because people always wear it every single day and I know whenever I see a lovely perfume (Armani) I always see it's about £60 and I'm like "nooo way" when I can get one for £20. But a luxurious perfume like Chanel, Armani and Michael kors I'm sure anyone would appreciate!

4. Spa day voucher- Who doesn't like to get pampered???? Exactly. So why not give your daughter/mum/niece/sister/friend/gold fish (joking with fish btw, got a bit carried away) a spa voucher?! You can purchase them from Argos I believe or from shopping apps like wowcher. You can get cheap ones and expensive ones with the price ranging from £30-200 and it's a lovely little gift. 

Teenage boys/men

1. Aftershave- I feel like aftershave like perfume is one of them timeless gifts that men will always need and you can get really nice affordable gift sets like from tk max.

2. Asos do a book called 'Stuff every man needs to know'. I feel like this will be one of those cool different presents and it's very affordable. 

3. Branded hoodie- Now this may be stereotypical but nearly every boy I know owns a hoody! And I feel like getting them a nice good quality one will be a nice luxurious gifts. A jack wills or superdry hoody is perfect and I think they are about £50-60 so they aren't even that expensive either. 

4. Game console game - If you know a boy/man that has got a Xbox or PlayStation then a game is perfect to go with it! You can't really go wrong as long as you know what games they like playing whether there fighting or car games (black ops 3 or forza). 

Thank you for reading this blog! I hope your excited for Christmas!!! 

Love you all Xx

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