Saturday, 26 December 2015

What I got for Christmas 2015!

Hey guys!!!

I hope everyone had a merry Christmas!
Today I'll be sharing with you what I got for Christmas. I got loads of exciting things and I'm sure you did to!

First up I got a selfie stick and this is so cool because I've wanted one for the longest time and I've finally got one!

Then I got a Betty bath set and basically I got this set for one of my friends and then I really wanted one aswell so I got one and I can't wait to use it, theres some bath crystals which I'm actually really excited about and then a bubble bath, they also smell incredible and they remind me of going on holiday (idk why lol)

Then I got a cute set of bath bombs, I  absolutely love them the theme of them is chocolates and they all smell of chocolate but some are minty and some are fruity and they are just so nice, they make a difference because I always get bath bombs from lush and finally I can try something different.

I also got the Real techniques core collection brushes and the concealer brush. I love this brand for brushes and I'm so excited to play around with these ones because I know their going to be da bomb.

I also got this massive eyeshadow palette which is so nice, I'm yet to try it but I'm so excited to play around with this.

I got the urban decay vice 4 palette which is absolutely incredible!!! There's so many different looks you can create and the brown toned colours are going to be the colours I go to all the time because there so neutral yet pretty. 

I've been wanting a eyebrow pencil for the longest time, I have some but none of them are the perfect colour. However, I know the Mac stud pencil is, so I asked for this and I got it which I'm so happy about... Finally my eyebrows can 'slayyyy'.

I wear blush almost every day and the Mac blushes get talked about on a daily on YouTube so I put a few shades on my Christmas list and I got the shade 'Mocha' which is really pretty and natural. I know I'll be wearing this all the time.

I then got this lipsy party palette! This palette is so pretty, it has 4 eyeshadows and 4 lip tints! This is such a great travel pallette and I'm glad I can finally try some of lipsys makeup.

I also got hair straighteners which I'm really happy about because I always straighten my hair and I always use my mums ones but now I have my own and I can take my time whilst doing my hair!

Then omg I got the benefit watts up highlighter and I can't wait to try this because its so nice and creamy and it looks super natural!

Then I got a £15 iTunes card so I can finally listen to Justin biebers songs without wifi (whoop whoop!!!)

I also got the little mix gold magic set. It comes with a rollerball perfume, a bottled perfume and also a body wash, I'm so excited about this as it smells amazing and the packaging is also so pretty!

I also got a Michael kors perfume!!! This is so nice, I love it so much and it's a very  unique scent, it kinds of smells like sweet almonds but it's really lovely and soft, I love it!

Then I got the Chanel mademoislle perfume!!!  I've been wanting this for ages but it's too expensive but my mum got it for me and this is literally the best smelling perfume I've ever tried!!!! I love it!

I also got a electric hand whisk, I love to bake and this will just come in handy! 

 Last of all I got  money which I'm probably going to try and save up.... Lol I don't think that will last for long...

Thank you for reading this I hope you have enjoyed it!!!

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  1. You got super nice gifts!!!��xxx

  2. Sophie u r such a lucky girl. Next time u stay with me can u give me a new look with ur amazing makeup x